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It is the goal of BRAT to place Basenjis and Basenji mixes in permanent homes where they will be well cared for the remainder of their lives.

In the absence of clear documentation and/or first-hand knowledge of the origin of all dogs listed on the BRAT site, the determination of origin must be made on each dog's appearance. In many instances, the appearance of the listed dog so clearly matches the breed standard, the dog is listed on the Basenji Rescues page. In the case of Basenji mixes, dogs listed on our mix page are posted based upon the presence of some physical characteristics that are shared by purebred Basenjis.

BRAT does not propose to know the parentage of mixes and, by this statement, it informs potential adopters that it cannot and does not assure that the parentage of Basenji mixes include any Basenji. Potential adopters are advised that the most appropriate approach to selecting a companion is to objectively evaluate their own situation and needs and to match that with the personality and behavior of the adoptee, regardless of parentage.

Featured Basenji Mix

  Kyrssa, Beautiful girl in WI looking for an adult home. Click here for more information.

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Arab Country of Oman

Leo 1-year-old male Basenji mix




Yogi 1-year-old male Basenji mix



Bongo 1-year-old male Basenji mix



Hugo 4-year-old red and white male Basenji mix

BRAT Fostered



Crystal 8-year-old female Basenji mix  
Jinx 1-year-old male black and white Basenji mix


New Jersey

Gigi 3-year-old brindle female Basenji mix


New York

Ralphy 4-year-old tri-color male Basenji mix  

South Carolina

Chase 10 month-old black and white male Basenji mix

BRAT Owned



Foxy 11-year-old red and white female Basenji mix 03/08/15
Jasper 4-year-old male Basenji mix  
Polly 4-year-old red female Basenji mix  
Rico 11-year-old red and white male Basenji mix



Kyrssa 8-year-old female Basenji mix


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