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Unless otherwise noted, dogs on this page are listed as a courtesy to third party shelters, rescue groups and individuals. Unless specified, they are not BRAT-owned dogs.

In the absence of clear documentation and/or first-hand knowledge of the mixes listed on this page, the determination of origin must be made on each dog's appearance. It is our goal to post only those dogs that share characteristics of the purebred Basenji.

BRAT does not presume to know the parentage of mixes and does not assure that the parentage includes any Basenji. Potential adopters are advised to objectively evaluate their own situation and needs, and match them with the personality and behavior of the adoptee, irrespective of parentage.

If you are interested in one of these dogs, click on their name and email the third-party owner. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns about how our mix program operates, email our Mix Coordinator.

Featured Basenji Mix

 Check out Radar, a young, energetic and very Basenji boy in Illinois. Click here for more information.

Be sure to read BRAT's Mix Policies


Aphrodite 1.5-year-old red and white female Basenji mix


Juba 1-year-old male Basenji mix



Lucille 2-year-old red female Basenji mix


Max 5-year-old female brindle Basenji mix



Tuffy 4-year-old red male Basenji mix


Bongo 1-year-old male Basenji mix



Sadie 7-year-old female Basenji mix


Taziu 6-year-old red & white male Basenji mix



Radar 9-month-old red and white male Basenji mix



Polly 4-year-old red female Basenji mix  

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