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If you're serious about adopting a Basenji—or two—from BRAT, fill out our adoption form. After you've submitted the form, explore the listings below and apply for all dogs that interest you—you'll find the coordinator's name in each listing and you will be able to e-mail them.

Our goal is to make the perfect match between your home and the Basenji. This can be challenging, so please be patient.

You might also consider a Basenji mix.

We encourage you to fill out an application to adopt, even if there are currently no dogs listed in your state. We may have dogs that will be available soon, but are in various stages of our intake process. Sometimes when we have a dog that needs emergency placement, we check our applicant database to find a pre-approved home that matches the dog's needs.

BRAT dogs are spayed and neutered ($150-$400, depending on location), vaccinated as needed, tested for heartworm and strip-tested for Fanconi. Other tests and dental cleanings may be performed if needed. The dogs are also temperament evaluated.

Please note that BRAT charges an adoption fee to cover all expenses incurred in our rescue program. The adoption fee will vary depending on the age and health of the dog. The adoption fee is listed within the dog's posting.

We have more Basenjis not listed on this web page. Even if you don't see a dog you want here, we encourage you to fill out our Adoption Form.

Meet Lacy. Do you have lots of love to share, room to cuddle, or enjoy playing catch-me-if-you-can? These are some of Lacy's favorite things! Click here to read more about her.

Basenji listings last updated 04/24/2014 02:03 PM PST

Click here to read the AKC's standard for the Basenji.


Abbie 10-year-old red & white female  
Zip 2-year-old red & white male Updated 03/21/14


Contact Colorado Basenji Rescue for more dogs.


Michael 2-year-old red & white male New 04/11/14


Lacy 10-year-old red & white female New 04/11/14


Be 4-year-old black & white female New 04/22/14
Raz 10-year-old black & white male New 04/23/14


Major 4-year-old red & white male New 04/23/14
Rocky & Lucky 7-year-old red & white male and 10-year old tricolor female  

New Hampshire

Kanzi 6-year-old brindle & white female  

New Jersey

Cairo 5-year-old brindle & white female  

New York

Skye 10-year-old red & white female Pending 01/11/14


Talker & Buddy 5- & 3-year-old trindle & tricolor father & son  


Kami 5-year-old red & white female Pending 04/22/14

The Pending notations mean that the coordinator of the dog has tentatively found the dog a home but is still taking applications.


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