We are an all-volunteer, non-profit organization that survives solely on donations from you. Basenji Rescue and Transport would like to thank the following organizations and individuals for their continued generosity and support. We are deeply grateful!

We are determined by the Internal Revenue Service to be tax exempt pursuant to IRS Code Section 501(c)(3) (Federal Identification No. 75-2804588). Consult your accountant for further information regarding the tax deductibility of donations to BRAT. View BRAT’s 990 tax forms, IRS determination letter, and Report of Independent CPAs (period ended September 30, 2013).



At Your Barkin' Call


Ronald Baran In honor of Buddy
Michele Barker In memory of Kayla Morgan Foxworth
Marilyn Behl
Susan Bloom
BP Fabric of America Fund In honor of Danny Perrine
Joan Bradley
Anabelle Brown In memory of Zeke


Cynthia Castro In honor of Bunmi
Chevron Hunankind Matching Gift
Anita Cholewa
Denise Cooper
Shmir Corzine
Kara Cox
Carolyn Cudmore In memory of Cuddles Mann


Geraldine Daiber In memory of Holly O'Neal
Joanne Dalgelish
Gracie Darden
Jane Davis In memory of Holly O'Neal
William Dodson
Tania Doran
John Douponce
Sue Downing In memory of Bailee Behar-Downing
Pat Dukes In loving memory of Hoilly O'Neal


Susan Elder In memory of Buddy and Ashley
Connie Estey


Kathleen Falco


Kelly Gibbs In memory of Josie & Jessie
Tim Gibson In memory of Zinger
Global Impact
Jennifer Gonzalez
Cheryl Gordon
Nancy Grant In memory of Maya & Kip
Mary Gregory


Deann Haggard In memory of Richard Stilwell
Hale Pet Door Corp.
Holly Hamilton In memory of Holly O'Neal
Nancy Henry In memory of Richard Stilwell
Carin Horowitz
Sherri Howard
Deborah Hughes In memory of Memphis, Annie, and Trey

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Debra Johnson In memory of Ginger
Susan Jones


Joanne Kalisz


Melissa Lambert
Gail Lockhart In honor of Sacramento John
Verna Longwell
Donald Lutkus In honor of Dexter
Stephanie Lynch


Drew Maglio
Mapleview Animal Hospital In memory of Holly O'Neal
Renne Martin In memory of Holly O'Neal
Sandra McElroy In memory of Ben
Kenneth Meyer In memory of Holly O'Neal
Shawn Michalec In memory of Holly O'Neal
Microsoft Matching Gifts Program
Cheryl Miller In memory of Holly O'Neal
Kathy Mittler In memory of Richard Stilwell
Kate Moore
Judy Murray In honor of Blue Freer


Jennifer Nagel In memory of Holly O'Neal
Barbara Narehood
Ashley Nelson In memory of Cleo and Henry
Nancy Newman
Liz Newton In memory of Holly O'Neal
Gary Novac In memory of Holly O'Neal
Nutro Company


Tadd O'Neal In memory of Holly O'Neal
Victoria Ovens


Janet Pace
Ann Pearson In honor of Lacey
Petfinder.com Foundation
Peggy Pick-Sutton
Debbie Piercefield In memory of Holly O'Neal
Lillian Piol In memory of Hawkeye Piol
Joseph Pistorio
Tina Ponder In memory of Boomer
PPG Archit.Coatings, Huron Distrib. Ctr. In memory of Holly O'Neal
Lisa Putnam


Linda Rains
Marlys Ray In memory of Angel & Sumo Sam
Jane Repko
Caitlinn Reynolds
Jo Ellen Ross In honor of Be and Razz


Suzanne Sarlls-Hartwell In memory of Holly O'Neal
Andrew Schlichting
Dean Sigler In honor of Willow and Andrea Walters
Teresa Spruill
Denise Stahl In memory of Gypsy Lebder
Katheryn Stratton In honor of Megan with thanks to Jackie Kuhwarth, Jackie Iddings, & Karen Jones


Cheryl Tabarella-Redd
The Basenji Magazine
The RMG Group, Inc. In honor of Ondine Crispin
Donna Troyna

u v w x y z

United Way CA

Cinda Watkins In honor of Lisa Saben
Janice Williams In memory of Sam Hill

We would also like to acknowledge our valuable foster parents from the past year for their hard work and dedication