4th Quarter Donations 2014

We are an all-volunteer, non-profit organization that survives solely on donations from you. Basenji Rescue and Transport would like to thank the following organizations and individuals for their continued generosity and support. We are deeply grateful!

We are determined by the Internal Revenue Service to be tax exempt pursuant to IRS Code Section 501(c)(3) (Federal Identification No. 75-2804588). Consult your accountant for further information regarding the tax deductibility of donations to BRAT. View BRAT’s 990 tax forms, IRS determination letter, and Report of Independent CPAs (period ended September 30, 2013).


Ann Adams  
Leslie Addis
Michele Alberts For Miss Allie
Cynthia Andrade     
Anita Archer 
Nicholas Arnold      
Sandi Atkinson        
Lisa Auerbach In honor of Sierra & Pharo
Nataliya Averyanova In memory of Pickel
AWA LLC BRAT magazine subscriptions
Judith Azmitia For Miss Allie

Ann Baker    
Sherri Balmain        
Joyce Banderman  
Debbie Banker        
Ronald Baran          
Margaret Barigga For Miss Allie
Janet Barker
Kathleen Barrett      
Denise Bassett       
Battelle/Global Impact       
David Bennett For Miss Allie
Janette Benoit         
Denise Beveridge  
Ethelyn Bishop        
David Black  
Loretta Blanchat For Miss Allie
Susie Blanchat In honor of Obi
John Blankenship  
Ann Blanton  For Miss Allie
Margaret Mary Bloomer     
Deborah Bolduc For Miss Allie
Matt Bomberger      
Gail Boone   
Patti Bostwick          
Dennis Bowling For Miss Allie
Sharon Bridgeman-Shah For Miss Allie
Ann Briley     
Mary Bromley           
Bob Brown JR         
Anabelle Brown For Miss Allie
Kirsten Brune For Miss Allie
Susan Bucholtz       
Lori Bulletset           
Laura Bultman        
Dee Burnham For Miss Allie & In memory of Ti
Janice Burnham     
Sara Burroughs For Miss Allie

Laura Campbell     
Paul Carnegie         
Mark Carrasco For Miss Allie
George Carter For Miss Allie
Antoinette Caruso  
Michelle Chenoweth          
Chevron Hunankind Employee Funds
Peggy Choe For Miss Allie
Royene Chun For Miss Allie
Susan Chuvala For Miss Allie
Chris Ciaravino       
Lisa Clark    
Susan Cook
Cameron Cooper For Miss Allie
Denise Cooper       
Aaron Correira        
Joanne Costello     
Joanne Courtney    
Kara Cox      
Joan Crawford        
Earl Cushman      

Jill Dallmann For Miss Allie
Jane Davis For Miss Allie
Andrew Dean          
Steven Decker         
Viviane Deering      
Mary Deppa For Miss Allie
Janice Dewar          
Donna Doherty        
Paul Doner  
Michael R. Donker  
Tania Doran
Julia Drabeck          
Patricia Dukes        
Patrick Dyer 

Kurt Egbers  For Miss Allie
Pamela Elness For Miss Allie
Robert Elsasser For Miss Allie
Meredith Emmons 
Johanna Eschberger         

Peter Falco  
Kay Faupel For Miss Allie
Alessandra Field    
Jeanine Fiorillo       
John Fischer For Miss Allie
Ashley Fisher          
Manuel Fleissner   
Jan Fletcher 
Jan Foresman        
Maria Franco For Miss Allie
Charles Freeman   

Regina Gabrielson For Miss Allie
Karen Gallup           
Sandra Garlick In honor of Rudy and Max
Karin Gaugler For Miss Allie
Sandra Gaus           
Sally Gebben In honor of Sembe
Cynthia Geib
Karen Gentilman    
Janine Gesek          
Linda Giannelli       
Pearl Gibson           
Tim Gibson In memory of Zinger
Patricia Gilbert        
Christina Golden    
Katherine Goldman           
Cecillia Gollin          
Rosi Gong In honor of Chris O'Rear
Jennifer Gonzalez   
Tai-Jen F. Gordon  
Billy Graham In honor of Stacy Perry
Dale Gramlich For Miss Allie
Nancy Grant  For Miss Allie
Marilyn Green          
Pam Green For Miss Allie
Larry Gregory           
Mary Gregory           
Thomas Gross       
Gayle Gyles In honor of Diana Martin and Mark

Terry Haefele           
Eric Hager    
Bruce Hall For Miss Allie
Debra Hall   
Martin Hamilton For Miss Allie
La May Hansen For Miss Allie
S. L. Harchelroad   
Frances Harder For Miss Allie
J. Brad Hardin         
Karla Hartlep           
Dawn Heefner         
Karen Heisler          
Tacie Hetricks         
Donna Heverling    
Stacie Hill For Miss Allie
Carin Horowitz        
Sherri Howard         
Deborah Hughes For Miss Allie
Gloria Hutchinson  
Mary Ann Hutwagner          

Jenniffer Ihns          
Sadie Ishikawa For Miss Allie

Roberta Jackson For Miss Allie
Evelyn James For Miss Allie
Cecelia Jarvis         
Betty Joao    
Debra Johnson       
Katherine Jorgensen For Miss Allie

Judith Kebric For Miss Allie
Lou Kennedy           
Lisa Kerr      
Janet Ketz    
Douglas Kienitz      
Stephen Kimbura For Miss Allie & In honor of Sydney the Golden Retriever
Chris Knaff   
Lois Krawczyk         
Don Kuhwarth         
Sasha Kusel

Namek LaFleur For Miss Allie
Adrianne Lago For Miss Allie
Sarah Lambdin       
Gerald Lane For Miss Allie
Lynn Lane For Miss Allie
Diana Lantini           
Julie Lemay 
Susan Lerner          
Evelyn Leverette For Miss Allie
Vicky Locke  For Miss Allie
Bobbie Lopez          
Robin Loree For Miss Allie
Arwen Lynch For Miss Allie
Stephanie Lynch     
David Lyter For Miss Allie

Anne MacMillan For Miss Allie
Arthur Macmillan For Miss Allie
Cynthia Malapitan   
Victoria Marcy          
Anna Markevitch For Miss Allie
Carla Martinez         
Keith Maxfield For Miss Allie
Ernest May   
Christine Mayer For Miss Allie
Pam Mays    
Carolyn McAllister For Miss Allie
Erin McCaffery         
Maureen Mccaslin  
Janice McCoy          
Ellen McCully           
Karen McDaniel      
Sandra McElroy       
Maribeth McKinnon For Miss Allie
Louise Meade In memory of Carley & For Miss Allie
Marion Mein 
Maria Melendez       
Rebecca Melich      
Janet Merrill 
Evelyn Middleton     
Chris Miles  
Richard Miller For Miss Allie
Sacha Milton
Terri Minaya 
Brian Moore  For Miss Allie
Katharine Moore     
Renee Mougin        
Pamela Mounts For Miss Allie
Shirley Munger        
Kent Munro For Miss Allie
Melodie Murphy       
Tad Murphy For Miss Allie
Judy Murray For Miss Allie

Barbara Narehood  In memory of Quincy
Kathleen Nebel       
Ashley Nelson For Miss Allie
Debra Nichols         
Paula Nikonow       
Shari Nowak

Mary Ogden 
Leslie Olyott 
Margaret O'Reilley For Miss Allie
Victoria Ovens         

Janet Pace In honor of Macy
Ginny Padawer       
Linda Paradis For Miss Allie
Linda Parker
Paula Parris For Miss Allie
Linda Pearce           
Bryan Pelton For Miss Allie
Shelly Perlmutter    
Patricia Perlowski  
Annmarie Perruccio In memory of Minnie
Clementine Peterson        
Tina Peterson In memory of Allie
Kevin Phillips          
Peggy Pick-Sutton  
Christine Pirotin For Miss Allie
Tina Ponder  For Miss Allie
Randy Presley For Miss Allie
Tracy Principio        

Rachel Quinn          
Maria Quinonez De Best For Miss Allie

Tamara Rahn          
Linda Raines          
Ginig Rainwater In honor of Peggy Pick and Eric Sutton
Kristine Rasmussen For Miss Allie
John Ratcliff 
Christa Reinwall     
Sharon Reiss          
Jane Repko 
Caitlinn Reynolds   
Elena Ribarevski In memory of Senji
Paul Richardson    
Laurie Anne Ries   
William Ring For Miss Allie
Richard Riordan     
Patricia Rivers         
Sheila Roell 
Lisa-Marie Ruggeriero      
Lori Runyon 
Barbara Ruqus III   

Brian Sallerson For Miss Allie
Mike Schaefer         
Jacquelyn Schechter For Miss Allie
Andrew Schlichting
Elizabeith Schmidt  For Miss Allie
Dawn Schroedter For Miss Allie
Peter Sheyko For Miss Allie
Georganne Shibata           
Brian Shivy For Miss Allie & In honor of Chase, Allie & Bob
Jon Siegel    
David Sierra 
Dean Sigler  For Miss Allie
Joanna Skurka        
Grace Smith For Miss Allie
Sally Smith For Miss Allie
Teresa Spruill         
Janice Staugas       
Yvonne Steinhauer  For Miss Allie & In honor of Nala & Kenya
Alice Stevens           
Judy Stuart   
Megan Stubblebine
Andrew Suermann  For Miss Allie
Wayne Suraci          

Jedidiah Tanner     
The Artful Canine In honor of Brad Smith
The Damien Foundation   
Linda Thelen For Miss Allie
Marilyn Thomas      
Watson & Dyches Thomas LLC  
Alison Thompson   
Sharon Thompson 
Alice Thorsen          
Jennifer Titus For Miss Allie
Janice Tobacco      
Vera Toglia-Ross For Miss Allie

Jon Van Haitsma    
Rebecca K. Vance  
Magaly Villarreal     
Carol Vossler For Miss Allie
Michelle Voyek        

Paul Wade   
Steve Wagenseller 
Steven Wardlow      
Janice Warren         
Yvette Weeks           
Ann White     
Oren Will For Miss Allie
Allan Wilson In memory of Minnie
Susanne Wolfe       
Carol Workman      
Gene Wozniak For Miss Allie

Daniela Yamamoto-Tew For Miss Allie

Barbara Zwick

We would also like to acknowledge our valuable foster parents from the past year for their hard work and dedication