The Basenjis featured as Coming Soon are not yet available for adoption and at this time we are not accepting adoption applications for them.

These are Basenjis in our care who are in various stages of our adoption process: Basenjis who are recent intakes and in the early stages of fostering; Basenjis who are receiving much-needed vetting or rehabilitation to overcome issues related to prior neglect; and Basenjis we hope to post for adoption soon. Read each dog’s description for details about the dog’s status. Additional information about each dog will be available once the dog is posted on the website as an Available Basenji.

Not every Basenji flagged as Coming Soon will be posted for adoption because we allow BRAT’s dedicated foster families to adopt the dogs they foster. Also, when a dog has special needs, our coordinators sometimes search the applicant database to find an adopter who is the best match for that dog. Other times, we find that a dog has serious medical issues that require extensive vetting and long-term fostering.

We are committed to providing our Basenjis with both the veterinary care and the safe and nurturing foster care they need to ensure a happy and stable placement in a loving forever home.

We charge a nominal adoption fee, but our placement fees very often do not cover the expenses to achieve our mission. If you would like to help us care for our rescued Basenjis, please consider a donation to BRAT.

Coming Soon listings last updated: 7/1/2018 10:17:55 AM (Pacific time)

Baily & Kendra

Adult Brindle & White Brother & Sister
Florida, POSTED 06/24/2018

Baily and Kendra are a nine-year-old brother and sister bonded pair who like a slow, laid back kind of life. They are looking for a home where they are the only two dogs, but they say they will consider homes with one or two resident dogs as they do get along well with others. They enjoy cuddles, the dog park, walking and FOOD! They are both velcro dogs who need a home where someone is home most of the time as they do not like being left alone. They love to cuddle and be petted! They did not live with a cat or kids before coming to BRAT but would do ok with kids 10 and older or a dog-savvy cat. Baily and Kendra say if you like cuddles, movie nights and pizza, keep an eye out for them as they will soon be posted on our Available Dogs page.

More information will be posted to the website when this dog is ready for adoption. Please send questions and comments to Melody Townsend.



Adult Red & White Male
Florida, NOW AVAILABLE 06/29/2018

Bear is now available for adoption!



Young Brindle & White Male
Florida, NOW AVAILABLE 06/30/2018

Tigger is now available for adoption!