21 Basenjis in Virginia Need Help!

Basenji Rescue and Transport is currently challenged with rescuing a group of 21 purebred Basenjis in Virginia from a breeder who recently passed away. This tragic situation will be both hard work for our dedicated BRAT volunteers and expensive. We are asking for your help.

Unlike some groups of Basenjis we have rescued, this group comes from a good home with a nice lady who cooked for them, spoiled them with love, fun activities, and all her attention. Her dogs were taken by animal control to a small county shelter in Virginia. BRAT was aware of these dogs for several days but had no contact information or location. The sister of the deceased has now contacted BRAT asking us to rescue and place the dogs.

BRAT has accepted this challenge because we know we have many loyal volunteers who will help, so we have put out a request for fosters and transporters. The Basenjis are near Fredericksburg, Virginia and many will be moved out of the immediate area for fostering. Some of the dogs are older: They range in age from one who is 16 years old to four who are 18 months old. Many have been active in lure coursing. All are Fanconi clear. With your help, and the assistance of the breeder’s friends, we will be able to rescue all of them from the shelter, but time is short because the shelter is full.

Please volunteer to help if you can. If you are an approved BRAT foster home and have room in your home and heart for one of these sweet babies, please use our Contact Us form to email us. We also need transporters to get these dogs to their foster homes, some of whom may be pretty far away from Virginia. We already have fosters in Illinois, Massachusetts, Maryland, Texas, Maine, and other states who have volunteered to foster these dogs, so this will be a huge collaborative effort to get them where they need to go.

If you are too far away or have too little time right now to help with this group, please consider making a donation to BRAT for their care. It is anticipated that in order to get them out of the shelter promptly, we may have to board some of them. We know we can count on both our BRAT volunteers and friends of BRAT to “step up" as you always have, or we would not make the commitments we make. Any donation amount is appreciated so please give whatever you can.

From all of us at BRAT, thank you for your dedication!

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