Rescuing Basenjis Since 1999

Our mission is to rescue, rehabilitate, and rehome dogs of the Basenji breed. BRAT rescues Basenjis from shelters, abusive situations, and relinquishing owners. We provide routine and advanced veterinary care for our dogs and ensure that they have been spayed or neutered, fully vaccinated, tested for heartworm, DNA tested for Fanconi syndrome, and evaluated for temperament. In order to secure a "forever home" we screen potential adopters, striving for compatibility of dog and owner. BRAT is an all-volunteer organization recognized by the IRS as a tax-exempt charitable corporation since its founding in 1999. Our success depends upon the generosity and dedication of our donors and volunteers. READ MORE ABOUT US »


Hello, allow me to introduce myself. My name is Melo and I am a six-year-old trindle and white Basenji. (Trindle coat color is a rare combination of tricolor with brindle points.) I am said to be handsome and I like that description. I lost the only home I had ever known because my human dad brought home a hairless, two-legged human pup and I didn't like it much. I growled and frightened it. READ MORE »

Donate to Fanconi Testing

Fanconi testing is crucial to the health and well being of Basenjis. We depend on the generosity of our donors to help save Basenjis who deserve a second chance at a great life. We need your help more than ever! Please consider making an extra donation to BRAT to help cover the additional expense of life-saving DNA Fanconi testing. Help us test the dogs. DONATE NOW »

BRAT Resources

If you haven't visited our Resources page in a while, this is a great time to review some links to sites we like. We list other Basenji sites, but also offer up a comprehensive list of where to start finding trainers and behavior help, where to find health information, how to find a lost pet, and two lure coursing links. We hope you find these resources helpful. READ MORE »

Maintaining Those Pearly Whites

In the dim, dark days of dog ownership, back when I was growing up in the '50s, our dogs ran free and lived on table scraps and Kennel Ration. READ MORE »

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We are pleased to announce that registration for the 2017 BRAT convention in Kansas City, Missouri June 15-17th is now open. All the details you need to know are at our registraion site. If you'd like to buy items emblazoned with the convention artwork, shop at BRAT's CafePress shop. REGISTER FOR THE CONVENTION »

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