First Quarter Donations 2023

We are an all-volunteer, non-profit organization that survives solely on donations from you. Basenji Rescue and Transport would like to thank the following organizations and individuals for their continued generosity and support. We are deeply grateful!

We are determined by the Internal Revenue Service to be tax exempt pursuant to IRS Code Section 501(c)(3) (Federal Identification No. 75-2804588.) Consult your accountant for further information regarding the tax deductibility of donations to BRAT. View BRAT’s 990 tax forms, IRS determination letter, and Report of Independent CPAs (period ended September 30, 2013).


Anonymous through Bright Funds
Anonymous through Microsoft
Anonymous through UK Online Giving
AT&T – Matching funds matching gift of Jennie Johnson
Dawn Atkinson – In memory of Jake, Bonnie, Niles
Sandi Atkinson
Thomas Banks
Ronald Baran – In memory of Hal Reisel, Heather Lynn, Jack Kielezynski, John Pawelek
Kimberlee Barnhart – In memory of Richard Reinhold
Brandon Barr
Basenji Club of SE WI
Kathy Beny
Lisa Bono
John Borruso
Bread FInancial matching funds matching gift of Jennifer Gonzalez
Cargill matching Funds matching gift of Diana Hernandez
Marie Chamberlin
Joanie Chambers
Robyn Chatlain
Chevron Hunankind Matching Gift matching gift of Kara Cox
Susan Chuvala
Chris Ciaravino
James Clark – In memory of Asoka
Jon Coleman – In honor of Norma Coleman
Norma Coleman
Scott Coleman – In honor of Norma Coleman
Jason Cossette
Vanessa Courtney
Kara Cox
Amy Cunningham – In honor of Boomer
Brian De Nicola
Jofre Diaz
Disney VoluntEARS Grants volunteer hours of Laura Kullinger-Ebanks
John Dolfi
WIlliam Dunlap
Ann Fath
Rene Fester – In honor of Gypsy
Jan Foresman – In honor of Ellie and Bandit
Carole Freer – In memory of Judy Coy
Kelly Friesen
Nikith Ganan – In honor of Bruna Chiosini
Terry Gavaletz – In honor of Rafiki and Dixie
Morgan Gerhart – In memory of Reilly Gerhart
Tim Gibson
Jennifer Gonzalez – In memory of Dash & Sugar Gonzalez
Nancy Grant
Angela Hagner
Tammy Hamdy
John Hannum
Diana Hernandez
Travis Holden – In honor of Brownie
Leslie Hughes
Randy Hughes
Janette Hulett
IMF matching funds matching gift of Brian De Nicola
Evelyn James – In memory of Peanut
Eric Johnson – In memory of Coco
Jennie Johnson

Susan Kennedy
Lori King
Paul Kirchberger
Dawn Kivela
Chris Knaff
Ivan Kruh – In memory of Chloe Horowitz-Waggenheim
Laura Kullinger – In memory of Tyson


Namek LaFleur
Rachel LaManna – In honor of Dean Sigler and – In memory of Terrie Sigler
Joy Lauffenburger
Ingrid Lawson
Vicky Locke – In memory of Echo, the cat
Lockheed Martin – In honor of Fran Beckett
Ruth Long
Wendy Lord
Kathleen Lorum
Lori Lovejoy – In honor of Cleo and Winston
Lumen matching gifts matching gift of Tammy Hamdy
Make My Donation Inc.
Mary Mann
Paul McGinnis
Robert Mermelstein – In honor of Baby Louie
Margaret Mesecher
Microsoft Matching Gifts Program matching gift of Chris Knaff
Cheryl Miller – In memory of Ruby
Vic Mirisis
Elizabeth Musulman
Marckle Myers
Valerie Naglich – In memory of Prince Anubis
Amani Neptune
Tracy Neumann
Nancy Newman
Pooja Patel – In memory of Allan Lee
PayPal Giving Fund
Bryan Pelton – In memory of Wrigley Sugar Pelton
Lisa Peters – In memory of Scratch Smith
Peggy Pick-Sutton
Sherri Quint – In memory of Adia, Roo, & Pippin
Kristine Rasmussen – In memory of Nala
Raytheon Matching Funds matching gift of Peter Sheyko
Jane Repko
Elizabeth Rice – In memory of Winston
Kenny Richmond
Mark Richmond
Alison Rudolph – In memory of Tam
Gretchen Schmidhausler – In memory of Heather Lynn
Douglas Scholl
Peter Sheyko
Leona Shoffit
Sidhu-Adler Family Trust
Dawn Sindelar
Suzanne Siroki
Teresa Spruill
Jack Stride
Pamela Taylor – In memory of Bria
Rebecca Timm – In memory of Mister
Anthony Toreson – In memory of Watson
Darryl Tyler
United Way CA
Audrey Van Tuyl
Carol Vossler – In memory of Roscoe and Maple
Gene Wozniak
Darlene Younglove – In memory of Henry
Enrique Ruiz Zepeda