Second Quarter Donations 2019

We are an all-volunteer, non-profit organization that survives solely on donations from you. Basenji Rescue and Transport would like to thank the following organizations and individuals for their continued generosity and support. We are deeply grateful!

We are determined by the Internal Revenue Service to be tax exempt pursuant to IRS Code Section 501(c)(3) (Federal Identification No. 75-2804588.) Consult your accountant for further information regarding the tax deductibility of donations to BRAT. View BRAT’s 990 tax forms, IRS determination letter, and Report of Independent CPAs (period ended September 30, 2013).


Leslie Addis In memory of Peppe & Senjai
Aetna Foundation, Inc.
Maureen Albertson In honor of Missy the cat
Lawrence Alsop

Ann Baker In memory of Joey
Sheryl Banks In honor of Tawny Banks
Ronald Baran
Michele Barker
Wilton Belk In memory of Sunny Grey Belk
Chris Bell In honor of George Woodard
Nathan Besonen
Bright Funds
Deborah Bringley In memory of Cairo
Ida Burcham

Capital One Bank Gift cards from Jan Burnham
Cargill matching Funds
Chevron Hunankind Matching Gift
Frankie Clements In memory of Carey Hall-Warner
CMA Christian Faith Riders In memory of Mack J. Pettit
Christina Coiro In memory of George Woodard & In honor of Marcia Woodard
Scott Coleman In honor of Norma Coleman
Heidi Compton
Kara Cox

Stacey Donges In memory of Carey Hall-Warner
Joan Duszka

Manuel Fleissner

Pearl Gibson In memory of Montgomery
Tim Gibson
Stephanie Glad In honor of Dewey
Jennifer Gonzalez

Porter Hedge
Marie Heidebrecht In memory of Jigsaw
Diana Hernandez
Carin Horowitz
Sherri Howard
Deborah Hughes In memory of Memphis, Annie, Trey, Sharma, Rosie Jean/Taylor
Randy Hughes
Britton Hunter In memory of Stella

Evelyn James
Chris Johnson
Debra Johnson In memory of Ginger, Trinity, & Basil
Jennie Johnson
MarySue Johnson

Melissa Ketterer
Chris Knaff
Barbara Kunze In honor of Lucy

Melissa Lambert
LMEPAC Charity ProgramJulie Mahoney

Louise Meade In memory of Bart
Nicole Mertens
Susanne Meslans In honor of George Woodard
Microsoft Matching Gifts Program
Midland Michigan Kennel Club
Cheryl Miller In memory of Ruby
Rick Mohler In memory of Indy
Mary Katherine Monroe Happy Birthday, Sarah Cole!
Annette Muenter In memory of much loved Jigsaw
Deborah Muzzin

Barbara Narehood
Liz Newton In memory of Katy, Vegas & Mowgli

Erik Olson
Victoria Ovens

PayPal Giving Fund
Peggy Pick-Sutton In memory of Reno, Leo, Dasa & Ivan
Lillian Piol
Priscilla Mahar Animal Welfare Foundation

Sherri Quint In memory of Roo

Jane Repko
Karen Richardson In honor of Robinscamp Basenjis
Paul Richardson In memory of Czar
Amy Romeo
Donna Rosado In memory of Matt Pettit

Wendell Scharp In memory of Mack J. Pettit
Jacquelyn Schechter In memory of Bodhi
Nellie Shannon
David Skup In memory of Ruby
Teresa Spruill
Nicholas Sweeney In honor of Annie

The Marjani Basenji family
Pamela Tober In memory of Sparky, Spanky, Benjamin, Chloe, Rudy, Bodi, & KTaj
Alexis Torrey In honor of basenji mixes

United Way CA

Julie Welch In memory of Tinker
Margaret West In memory of George Woodard
Mallory Wilcox In memory of Timmy
Dorothy Wilken
Gene Wozniak In memory of Rocco

XTreme Pet Products