If you're serious about adopting a Basenji from BRAT, be sure to visit our application to adopt a Basenji page. After you've submitted this application, explore the listings below. In each listing, you will find the coordinator's name that links to a contact form. You will need to contact the dog's coordinator in each listing.

We encourage you to fill out an application to adopt, even if there are currently no dogs listed in your state. We may have dogs that will be available soon, but are in various stages of our intake process. Sometimes when we have a dog that needs emergency placement, we check our applicant database to find a pre-approved home that matches the dog's needs.

Our goal is to make the perfect match between your home and the Basenji. This can be challenging, so please be patient.

Each rescue will be fully vetted. This includes spay and neuter, vaccines, flea preventative if appropriate, DNA testing purebreds under 10 for Fanconi syndrome, fecal testing and deworming if necessary, heartworm testing, and recommended dental work. All dogs over 10 get a senior panel. Also, when indicated, we test our dogs for thyroid deficiencies.

The dogs are also temperament evaluated. Please note that BRAT charges an adoption fee to cover all expenses incurred in our rescue program. The adoption fee will vary depending on the age and health of the dog. The adoption fee is listed within the dog's posting.

Consider adopting a Basenji mix. Though these mixes are not BRAT-owned dogs—you will need to contact the shelter, rescue group or individual directly—there are some cutie pies posted here that are waiting for loving and permanent homes. Visit our Basenji mix page.

NOTE! Be sure to fill out our application to adopt form. Our coordinators often choose prospective adopters from our applicant database before listing the dog here. After you have filled out our adoption form, apply for any and all dogs that interest you. The Pending notations mean that the coordinator of the dog has tentatively found the dog a home but is still taking applications.

Basenji listings last updated: 1/17/2020 2:58:53 PM (Pacific time)


Brindle and White Male
Illinois, NEW 12/26/19

Benji is a cuddle buddy who loves to play. He is a very laid-back dog for the most part, but when he plays, he can really rough house with the best of the pack. Benji is in constant high gear motion until he tires out. Read More »


Red and White Male

Cody, a handsome, sweet, 14-year-old male is looking for his new humans. He originally came into BRAT from a puppy mill situation about seven years ago. He was quickly adopted out and for the last six years he lived happily with his human. Unfortunately, his adopter recently passed away and he came back to BRAT. Read More »

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Red and White Female
New York, NEW 12/26/19

Lucy is a loving red and white, 11-year-old Basenji lady who came to BRAT after being found wandering the streets of Buffalo, New York. She had no means of identification when taken to the shelter where she stayed until BRAT learned about her.  Read More »


Brindle and White Female
Ohio, NEW 01/07/20

Meet Derek, a sweet, spunky female Basenji. She is a gorgeous eight-year-old brindle who came to BRAT after her mom adopted two small children. Derek was very bonded and protective of her mom and had a hard time sharing the spotlight or tolerating the ways of her new toddler housemates. Her foster mom has found her to be very affectionate and loving, even to strangers. Read More »


Red and White Male
Ohio, PENDING 01/17/20

Dixon is a five-year-old red and white Basenji who went blind unexpectedly in the past year. One of the dogs living in his household started picking fights with Dixon and he was unable to fend off sudden and unexpected attacks because of his blindness. Dixon was surrendered to BRAT because his owners feared he would be injured.  Read More »