If you're serious about adopting a Basenji from BRAT, be sure to visit our application to adopt a Basenji page. After you've submitted this application, explore the listings below. In each listing, you will find the coordinator's name that links to a contact form. You will need to contact the dog's coordinator in each listing.

We encourage you to fill out an application to adopt, even if there are currently no dogs listed in your state. We may have dogs that will be available soon, but are in various stages of our intake process. Sometimes when we have a dog that needs emergency placement, we check our applicant database to find a pre-approved home that matches the dog's needs.

Our goal is to make the perfect match between your home and the Basenji. This can be challenging, so please be patient.

Each rescue will be fully vetted. This includes spay and neuter, vaccines, flea preventative if appropriate, DNA testing purebreds under 10 for Fanconi syndrome, fecal testing and deworming if necessary, heartworm testing, and recommended dental work. All dogs over 10 get a senior panel. Also, when indicated, we test our dogs for thyroid deficiencies. The dogs are also temperament evaluated. Please note that BRAT charges an adoption fee to cover all expenses incurred in our rescue program. The adoption fee will vary depending on the age and health of the dog. The adoption fee is listed within the dog's posting.

NOTE! Be sure to fill out our application to adopt form. Our coordinators often choose prospective adopters from our applicant database before listing the dog here. After you have filled out our adoption form, apply for any and all dogs that interest you. The Pending notations mean that the coordinator of the dog has tentatively found the dog a home but is still taking applications.
Basenji listings last updated: 9/25/2017 5:09:11 PM (Pacific time)


Adult Brindle & White Female
Florida, PENDING 09/17/17

Meet Miri, a sweet eight-year-old brindle and white female Basenji. Miri is a cuddler who wants someone who will snuggle with her on the couch and take her for rides in the car. When you come home, Miri will give you an enthusiastic greeting and may even hug your legs because she’s so happy to see you. Miri also loves to play with other friendly dogs. Read More »

Pinky Bella

Young Black & White Female
Georgia, PENDING 09/25/2017

Hello, I am an eight month old Basenji girl called Pinky-Bella and I'm looking for a forever home. I was brought into a rescue as a stray and no one came to claim me. The vet who took care of me named me Pinky because I was wearing a pink collar. After I arrived at my foster home they started calling me Bella. I answer to the name Bella but since I am known to BRAT as Pink, I guess I'll have to be called Pinky-Bella until I find my forever home. Read More »

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Adult Black & White Female
Massachusetts, AVAILABLE NOW!

Meet Baby, a nine and a half year old black and white, female Basenji who is extremely loving and sweet. Her foster mom describes her as very vocal, and says that Baby baroos more than any Basenji she has known. She thrives on lots of attention and cuddling! Read More »


Young Red & White Saddle-Back Female
Minnesota, PENDING 09/16/17

Meet sweet Canela, or as we call her Nella or Nella Bean. This tiny girl is a gorgeous 15-month-old, red and white saddle-back purebred Basenji. She's a petite little girl, weighing in at around 16 pounds. Canela is a hilarious young girl who always makes people laugh. Trust us, she will keep you on your toes. Read More »


Adult Trindle & White Male
New Jersey, PENDING 08/30/17

My name is Melo and I am a six-year-old trindle and white Basenji. I am said to be handsome and I like that description. I lost the only home I had ever known because my human dad brought home a hairless, two-legged human pup and I didn't like it much. I growled and frightened it. Read More »